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Redness of the face is perhaps one of the most common skin issues of people all over the world. This skin condition is what most people commonly refer to as Rosacea (Ro-zay-sha). It causes irregularity and ‘leaking’ of the facial blood vessels under the skin, which in turn causes skin sensitivity, redness and irritability. Unfortunately, Rosacea is not curable.

How to treat rosacea – can laser therapy help with redness reduction?

Laser therapy is an important treatment for reducing facial redness. Our laser has a unique hand-piece which delivers a wavelength of 595 nm. This wavelength specifically heats and seals the blood vessels that are responsible for the chronic redness that appears on your skin.

Once the vessels responsible for the redness are treated, the redness and rash can disappear. Best of all, laser treatment for rosacea can even your skin tone by diminishing the appearance of broken blood vessels and acne-like breakouts associated with this common skin condition.

How long does a laser treatment take? Laser treatment can be performed in as little as 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.Rosacea

Does it hurt? Most people feel minimal discomfort during this redness reduction treatment.

How many treatments will I need? Normally will see some improvement 3-4 hours after your first treatment. However, for optimal results, clients typically need 4 treatments – possibly more, depending on the severity of your condition. Your consultant will discuss a treatment plan to achieve the best results.

How quickly will I recover? Although you skin will be reddened after laser therapy, this usually settles within 3 hrs. Most people resume regular activities immediately.

Are there any side effects? Typical side effects of light-based redness reduction therapy include temporary redness, as well as itching and sometimes swelling at the treatment site, which may last a few days, but more likely just a few hours

Other possible side effects (very rare) include blistering, prolonged redness, bruising, peeling, rash, lightening or darkening of skin colour, and removal or lightening of freckles. There is a risk of incidental hair reduction or hair removal in the treated areas. Rare but possible side effects include scarring.

Rosacea - before and after treament

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